Betting rules

  • With each bet both the bookmaker (TipWin Limited, 3rd Floor, 126, Pjazza Antoine De Paule, Paola PLA 1264, Malta (EU)) and the betting customer are involved as contracting parties. Children and teenagers under 18 years of age are absolutely prohibited to bet. The bookmaker determines the betting event for which a bet can be placed.
  • These betting rules have been published by the bookmaker in accordance with the conditions of the applicable state law.
  • The betting customer explicitly declares the following:
    • That he/she is at least 18 years old. In case of any doubt the bookmaker has the right to request a proof of identity.
    • That he/she does not have any prior knowledge of the outcome of the particular event for which the bet is placed.
    • That the means used for the betting stake do not originate in any kind of legally forbidden action, and that these means are at his/her unlimited disposal.
    • That the online bet is placed at the location where his/her personal computer is (the IP address is decisive in this case). The bookmaker always accepts bets from this site and reserves the right to cancel bets without giving any reasons if the placement of sport bets violates any regulations at this location.
  • At any time the bookmaker is free to reject a betting offer without giving any reasons, to limit the amount of the stakes before accepting the bet, and/or to modify the odds before the bet is placed. He is also free to determine binding odds and payout limits for the betting customer.
    • The betting contract is concluded as soon as the bookmaker has accepted a betting offer.
    • For the interpretation of the Terms of Contract, the recordings of the bookmaker apply. When the betting slip is handed over to the betting customer, the betting customer accepts the correctness of the slip when he/she accepts it without any objection. Complaints made later will not be accepted.
    • The bookmaker has the right to voluntarily correct typos, calculation errors and odds at any time and also after the conclusion of a contract. The bookmaker’s right to appeal due to a mistake remains unaffected.
    • If it should become clear after the conclusion of a betting contract that the terms of the betting contract are, for whatever reason, neither determined nor determinable, then the bet is void and the betting stake must be refunded.
  • The betting customers’ independent right of revocation after the conclusion of a betting contract is excluded.
    • If the bookmaker has handed over a betting slip, the payout of the return will only be made in return for the original betting slip. The bookmaker accepts no responsibility or obligation to pay for any loss or damage of the betting slip. He has also no obligation to check the authority of the betting slip owner.
    • When placing a bet online the betting slip is left at the bookmaker's on mutual agreement, which corresponds to a handing over of the betting slip.
    • If a betting slip cannot be presented within 30 days from the day after the betting event has terminated, the betting customer's claim for payout expires.
    • The bookmaker has the right to delay the payout of the return for up to 45 days, counting from the day when the betting slip was handed over.
    • In each case the bookmaker is free to decide on the payout of the betting return on receipt of a valid proof of identification from the customer.
  • The betting customer is not permitted to transfer possible claims against the bookmaker, either in return for payment or for free, and neither is he permitted to pawn such a claim, use such claims for legal transactions or to set off such claims against any claim of the bookmaker.
  • In the following cases the bet will be considered as void or the betting contract will subsequently be cancelled in mutual agreement with the legal consequence that the betting stake has to be refunded to the betting customer:
    • If the betting event does not take place as stated in the odds sheet (e.g. transposition of the right to play at home, except when the team with right to play at home uses, for whatever reason, a different sports venue).
    • If the bet is placed after the actual starting time of the betting event on which the bet is based or if the bet is not placed in accordance with the betting rules. However, this does not apply for bets which the bookmaker offers constantly, due to its type, even if the betting event has already started and which are clearly indicated as such bets (i.e. bets that can be placed after the betting event has already started) for example long term bets or live bets. The time for placing the bet, which is determined by the bookmaker, is binding for the betting customer.
    • If a betting event is cancelled or does not take place, except in the event that
      • at the time of the cancellation there is an alternative date for the betting event which takes place within the subsequent two calendar days, calculated from the original start of the betting event or
      • the betting event is caught up on later within the scope of an athletic tournament (e.g. world championship, European championship, national championship, Olympic games, tennis tournament etc.) or
    • the betting event is stopped early without any official score/result immediately after the betting event has been terminated. This does not affect any subsequent modification of the ranking (e.g. the so-called “armchair decisions”).
    • If a tennis match is finished with w.o.
  • The following regulations especially apply for the evaluation of a betting result:
    • The results published immediately after the betting event has finished are binding (e.g. presentation ceremony, if it takes place immediately after the betting event has finished).
    • For soccer games the result after 90 minutes (regular time) applies. For ice hockey games the result after 60 minutes (regular time) applies. Any extra time or penalties etc. do not have any influence on the betting contract, with the exception of any modification agreed by both betting parties and noted in the recordings of the bookmaker (e.g. European Cup - bet on promotion [Gt1] ).
    • If two or more competitions of the same type (e.g. two giant slaloms) are scheduled at the same place, all bets that have been placed before the start of the first betting event only apply for the first event, unless any other regulations have been explicitly agreed.
  • In the case of a dead heat (2 or more equally placed parties), the payouts will be split accordingly (e.g. betting stake 100, odds for the winner: 1.8, results in a payout of 180; for two winners the payout will then be 90; for three winners 60 for each). If there are only two starters (teams) at the betting event (e.g. in a training duel) and there are no odds for games ended in a draw, the payouts for the dead heat will not be split but the entire stake will be refunded.
  • If the betting event takes place in accordance with these General Betting Conditions and one of the starters or teams does not start, the betting contract remains valid (“play or pay” applies). That means, that a bet placed for a non-starter or a non-participating team is considered as lost for the customer.
  • If there is a combination of several betting events ("combination bet") the following applies:
    • If one or more betting event is cancelled, stopped early or does not take place due to other reasons - and as long as none of the additional regulations under paragraph 10.c. or no official evaluation as in paragraph 10.d. applies - such betting events will be calculated with odds of 1.00. This also applies for tennis matches terminated with w.o.
    • If all betting events are cancelled, stopped early or do not take place due to other reasons - and as long as none of the additional regulations under paragraph 10.c. or no official evaluation as in paragraph 10.d. applies - the betting contract will be annulled retrospectively and the stake must be refunded. This also applies for tennis matches terminated with w.o.
    • If the betting contract is concluded after one or several events have been started, odds of 1.0 apply for such events. This does not apply for bets mentioned in paragraph 10.b., 2nd sentence. If the bet is placed after all events have already started, then paragraph 10.b. applies correspondingly.
For these betting conditions the version of November 1st, 2011 applies.
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